To create a checklist, you now need to obtain “Create a Checklist” permissions from a portal administrator or the Symbiota Support Hub. For assistance, email the Hub.

A checklist is a list of taxa for a certain region or use (e.g., a teaching list so that students can learn a certain set of taxa, or a list of rare or threatened taxa). The checklist tools in Symbiota offer:

  • Viewing a checklist by scientific names, common names, images in the image library, or a combination of these options
  • Linking voucher specimens from the Symbiota portal
  • Management of notes (either public or private) associated with taxa in the checklist
  • Identification and name recognition/spelling games (study aids)
  • Identification keys consisting of only taxa from the checklist

To create a checklist, you can:

  • Upload a pre-existing list of taxonomic names using the batch uploader.
  • Find taxa that should be included in your checklist based on voucher specimens that meet user-specified geographic criteria (e.g., a polygon, bounding box, or text field). Instructions here.

Additional resources about creating checklists in association with a floristics project can be found below:

Checklist use cases

  • Generate lists for field use (species inventories)
  • Link taxa and inventories in publications to voucher specimens
  • Visualize species distributions within a given area
  • Export lists as Word documents and spreadsheets for printing and field use
  • Create study aids for students via games

Sample checklist

Checklist Sample

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