In Symbiota portals, the glossary is a list of terms and their definitions relating to the content of the portal.

Key points regarding Symbiota glossaries:

  • Glossary terms can be linked to both characters and character states used in identification keys.
  • Glossary entries can include definitions, images, links to outside resources, and translations.
  • Glossary entries can be linked to a specific taxonomic group above the level of family (i.e., to the entire clade to which the term applies) and/or to other, related glossary terms.
  • The glossary can be edited by superadministrators and anyone who has been granted Glossary Editor permissions. Glossary Editor permissions can only be granted by a Superadministrator (i.e., portal manager). See User Permissions.
  • The glossary is publicly available on most portals via the sitemap only after at least one entry has been added to the glossary. Until then, the glossary is linked in the Sitemap under Administrative Functions (Super Admins only). To make the glossary more accessible, you can add a menu item or link to the “/glossary/index.php” page on the homepage or another location on the site.
  • The glossary is not pre-populated by default and must be manually curated.
  • There is currently no user interface for batch uploading glossary entries. Batch additions must be facilitated by a portal administrator on the backend.
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