Frequently Asked Questions

Symbiota Docs is a central repository for documentation regarding installing, using, and managing Symbiota-based portals and the data they contain.
Documentation is sourced from the Symbiota user community and the Symbiota Support Hub team.
A list of existing Symbiota portals can be found here.
  1. Visit the list of existing Symbiota portals and determine whether your collection fits within the scope of this portal.
  2. Contact the portal administrator or help desk email of the portal you would like to join. If you can’t find this, email the Symbiota Support Hub, and we can help to put you in contact with the right people.
  3. Work with the portal administrator to create a collection and contribute your data. Don’t see a portal that you think applies to your data? Contact the Symbiota Support Hub for more information.
We welcome and encourage new contributions or suggestions for the Symbiota Docs site. Please see our contributing page for information.
For now, documentation on this site pertains to the core Symbiota code developed at the Arizona State University Biodiversity Knowledge Integration Center. The central code for this version of Symbiota can be found in GitHub.