Managing Loans

This page describes how to manage loans in a Symbiota portal.

Navigate to the loan management tool by accessing the Data Editor Control Panel (My Profile > Occurrence Management > name of collection) and clicking “Loan Management.” You will see the following tabs:

Loan Management Tabs

To add a new outgoing loan, click the green plus sign near the right side of the “Outgoing Loans” page. You will be prompted to enter a Loan Identifier (a unique number to mark the identity of the loan) and select an institution to which the loan is being sent from the dropdown list. If the institution is not found in the dropdown list, click the green plus sign to the right of the “Send to Institution:” field and enter the required information. Click “Create Loan” when you have finished entering the required information in the “New Outgoing Loan” box. Once you click “Create Loan,” you will be taken to the Loan Out Details page. Here you can add information about the loan and generate loan paperwork using the appropriate boxes and buttons. Note that you can print an invoice, specimen list, mailing label, and envelope in the Generate Loan Paperwork box at the bottom of the page.

Generate Loan Paperwork

To link specimens to the loan, click the “Specimens” tab, click the green plus sign, enter the catalog number of the desired specimen in the field (preferably by scanning the barcode of the physical specimen), and click “Add Specimen.” Repeat as necessary. To edit an outgoing loan or link specimens to the loan in the future, navigate to the “Outgoing Loans” tab and click on the loan identifier (number or name given to the loan) directly to the right of the appropriate bullet point (circled in next screenshot).

Edit Loan

To add a new incoming loan, repeat the procedure outlined above using the “Incoming Loans” tab. Note that specimens cannot be linked to incoming loans. To add a gift or exchange, repeat the procedure outlined above using the Gifts/Exchanges tab. You will be able to enter the number of specimens in either the “gift” boxes or “exchange” box.

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