Reviewing Edits

This page describes how to view, verify, and/or revert edits that have been made to occurrence records for your collection.

A user with administrator access can review edits that have been made to specimen records by selecting “Review/Verify Occurrence Edits” from the Administration Control Panel (My Profile > Occurrence Management > name of collection). The resulting dashboard will show a table of every edit made to any field of any record, which often means that the list is very long, depending on how much activity the database sees on a daily basis. You can limit the search using the Filter box in the top right corner. You can search by Applied Status, Review Status, Editor, or Date/Date Range of editing.

Review Edits

You can select records by checking the boxes on the left side of the table and decide to approve (Apply Edits) or revert (Revert Edits) the edits made to each field of each record by clicking the appropriate radio button in the Action Panel and then the Update Selected Records button. You can also decide to change the Review Status of these records at this time. The Review Status is independent of and not related to the Processing Status.

If you click “Additional Action” in the Action Panel, you can delete the selected edits, download the selected records, download all records that were returned by the search (i.e., are shown in the resulting table), or print the page using one of the appropriate buttons.

All edits in the database, regardless of Review Status, are visible in the database as soon as they are made. This tool is meant to aid in reviewing of edits, but does not serve as a gateway to vetting edits before they are made public.

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