Reviewing and Approving Crowdsourcing

This page describes how to review and approve edits that have been made to records in the crowdsourcing module.

  1. Navigate to your Administration Control Panel (My Profile > Occurrence Management > name of collection).
  2. In the Administration Control Panel, click Processing Toolbox.
  3. Click the Crowdsourcing tab.

Don’t see a Crowdsourcing tab? Crowdsourcing may not be enabled in your portal. Contact your portal administrator for more information.

  1. If there are records that need approval, they will show up after Pending Approval. Click Review to review them.
    • Alternatively, you can review records edited by individual users by clicking Review in the Pending Review column in the tables at the bottom of the page.
  2. Review records in the provided table, or click the pencil icon to view individual records along with their images.
  3. To approve records, click the check box next to the records you wish to approve, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click Submit Reviews.

Crowdsourcing Example

Click “Additional Options” at the bottom of the page for more options. From here you can, instead of reviewing a record, “Remove Points and change to Not Reviewed” (if the record had previously been reviewed" or “Move back into crowdsourcing queue as Open Records”

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