Comments on Records

This page describes how to view comments on your occurrences. Any Symbiota user can create a comment on an occurrence record. This can be a useful feature for community members to ask questions or flag data quality issues.

To view and vet comments posted on records from your collection, navigate to the Administration Control Panel (My Profile > Occurrence Management > name of collection) and click “View Posted Comments.” If there is no orange text to the right of this option, you have no comments that have not yet been reviewed.

View Comments

On the comments page, you can hide the comment from the public (in cases of sensitive or personal data), mark a comment as reviewed (i.e., you have resolved the issue described by the comment), or delete the comment (in cases of spam or inappropriate content). Spam comments are so far rare in the CCH2 portal, but one should regularly review posted comments to ensure no inappropriate content has been posted to your collection. If you find any inappropriate comments, please contact the portal manager immediately so they can remove this user from the portal. To view the specimen record associated with a record, you can click the blue text (catalog number, collector, collector number, and date) above the comment details. In the event that you have many comments to work through, you use the Filter Options box (top right) to view only comments that were posted by a certain user, have a certain status (public/non-public/reviewed), or were posted within a certain date range.

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